Luxe Aromatherapy Neck Scarf
23.08 23.080000000000002 USD 23.08
This cleverly designed fluffy neck wrap is filled with fragrant lavender flower buds and tourmaline quartz, to promote relaxation when gently warmed.
Perfect for  keeping cosy on winter walks, or just cuddling up on the couch.
Luxe Aromatherapy Eye Mask
7.96 7.96 USD 7.96
Our Luxe Aromatherapy Eye Mask is natural, safe, reusable and filled with lavender flower buds and Tourmaline. When gently warmed enhances the soothing properties of lavender scent to promote relaxation.
Aroma Dot Essential Oil Diffuser Starter Kit
63.66 63.660000000000004 USD 63.66
The Aroma Dot Essential Oil Diffuser Starter Kit includes Aroma Dot Essential Oil Diffuser that maintains a fresh, aromatic and soothing atmosphere in any room, and a superb selection of pure essential oil blends.
Sleep Pillow Spray
11.14 11.14 USD 11.14
Calming blends of pure essential oils, carefully selected to encourage relaxing, refreshing sleep.
The handy spray bottle reduces wastage, and the light formula won’t stain your pillowcases.