Pilbox ® Daily
9.55 9.55 USD 9.55
Pilbox ® Daily is Ideal for people taking several medications a day. Features a pill box for daily intake and has 4 compartments for: morning, afternoon, evening, bedtime. Also has a large space that can accommodate a tube, medication and blister pack. Can be used as a medication travel kit.
Pilbox ® Liberty
61.27 61.27 USD 61.27
Pilbox ® Liberty is for active and mobile patients taking different medications. Modular cases make it easy to leave home with a day’s treatment. 7 independent modules and 4 compartments per module (morning, noon, evening and night).
Pilbox® Maxi
70.02 70.02 USD 70.02
Designed for people taking a large number of medications. Contains individual holders so the daily dose can be carried around. Specially adapted for the visually-impaired. Features a patient form to record essential medical and therapeutic information.