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Forget those meditation myths about it being too hard or too time-consuming:  it won’t help you find the answers that you can’t pick up on Google, it’s not something to do just when you’re stressed, or because punching someone in the face is frowned on – and you don’t have to be a spiritual guru to get it right!

Meditation is a kind of mind-body medicine which has been practiced for thousands of years in numerous cultures, both Eastern and Western; basically, it involves focusing on a single ‘thought’ while minimizing random mental ‘pop-ups’ and distractions; this helps develop attention skills and awareness, to enhance both mental clarity and emotional calm.

Many forms of meditation exist, but they all share the ideal of a comfortable, relaxed body position, focused attention, and a quiet, peaceful, aromatic setting…

HLC sources quality meditation props and meditation supplies from around the world to enhance your experience: add serenity to your space whether its through placing your Zafu meditation cushion on a Zabuton or placing your neck on a meditation pillow, smelling essential oils or incense sticks, banish negativity with white sage, introduce singing bowls and crystals for harmony and enlightenment – and most importantly, simply believe in yourself and keep an open mind!

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Meditation Tools


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