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In these days of ‘influencers’ and reality stars who have forgotten how to look real, with their pumped up pouts, unnaturally smooth filler-packed faces and cellphone cameras with a million filters and body-changing tricks, it’s almost impossible to discern what anyone actually looks like in ‘real’ life…

At HLC, we (surprise, surprise!) don’t really approve of the unattainable world of ‘beauty by numbers’, and think it is actually hugely detrimental to society, particularly when it comes to the fragile self-esteem of young, vulnerable women. For us, health and beauty go hand in hand: when we focus on our health (and it works!) we feel better and look better. There is a connection between how good you look depending on how well you feel. Understanding this connection can help to improve both, and our aim is to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy body, mind and soul.

So, if we can help you feel so good about yourself that you forget about filters and feature-fixing in your next selfie, but simply take pride in showing the world your own true and therefore beautiful ‘self’, our job is done!. 

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