The day you realize readers are more practical than arm extensions!
Great looking glasses to overcome long-sightedness (in the absence of long arms!)
19 October, 2020 by

You know the story: one day you are a fun-loving gal in her 30s, and then you turn 40. Overnight, you become a person whose bras seem to be on strike when it comes to offering support, and your shoes feel  a tiny bit tighter; at least one unusually long, strong hair is now growing fiercely out of your chin, and most mysteriously, your arms seem to be a whole lot shorter! 

This arm shrinkage is a real thing: I mean, how else do you explain that to read your cellphone screen, you have to stre-e-etch your arms as far as possible away from your squinting eyes, in order to get some focus?  And trying to read the menu in a restaurant? Forget romantic candle-lit dinners once you hit 40, your only option is the “I’ll have what he’s having route”  and a quick prayer that it will actually be something your tired old teeth (complete with their receding gums) can get themselves around without causing pain!

A good book is no longer something to curl up with: now, you have to extend your arms to their absolute max, and angle the book so it catches the light just so, while you wrench your face back into your neck as far as it can go, to give yourself a vital few inches extra in which to turn the words on the page from caterpillar crawl to actual, legible  words.  

17,000 HOURS A YEAR is an estimated average that an office worker spends in front of a digital screen – and this figure does NOT include any LEISURE hours! 

Now, when you see a selfie stick, you don’t lick your lips and prepare to pout, you ponder the possibility of getting a second one to poke, prod and scroll your cellphone screen so you can read it – and you wonder why no-one has invented proper arm extenders yet, to combat this peculiar limb-shrinking phenomenon caused by the transition from your last decade of being young-ish to your first one of being officially middle-aged. 

Well, the reason why arm extenders are not currently rushing off the shelves is that the inventors already came up with something even cleverer, better-looking, more comfortable, less awkward and much more efficient when it comes to improving your eyesight:  READERS! 

PRESBYOPIA: a normal consequence of aging in which the lenses of your eyes lose elasticity, making it hard to focus on close objects from your 40s onwards. 

So, it is not a disease (even though it has a slightly scary name!) and it is extremely common, affecting most people, it seems – even those who have been blessed with perfect 20/20 vision all their lives! Now, if that is still not making you feel any better about your failing eyesight, maybe this is: presbyopia is easily corrected with reading glasses or contact lenses!

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By the time you reach your 40s, you have presumably got to know your eyesight pretty well – and if you are confident that you have equal lens strength in both eyes, you are probably a great candidate for good quality non-prescription reading glasses; however, it is always advisable to consult an eye health professional about any changes in your sight, even one as expected as this – especially as many underlying eye issues (like astigmatism) cannot be corrected with reading glasses

PRESBYOPIA CANNOT BE PREVENTED: no eye exercises, no vitamin supplement, no prescribed medication or carrot-rich diet plan will stop it. It is simply an age-related condition that happens in the normal course of events. 
If your eye test results enable you to opt for over-the-the counter readers rather than having to have a prescription pair made up, you really are one of the lucky ones: the selection of readers available today is  a smorgasbord of mouth-watering eye candy – our favorites  being the eye-catching Peepers range, which we’re delighted to offer you on the NEW VOOMA E-COMMERCE SITE! 

One of the most exciting innovations in ready-to-wear readers is blue light filtering technology known as FOCUS™ Eyewear in the Peepers range. Very simply, here's how its works.

  • All visible light (the sun, digital and LED screens, artificial lighting) contains the full spectrum of the rainbow, and within this spectrum are blue light waves, which are believed to help us stay alert and upbeat. 

  • In classic terms, daylight is our signal to stay awake, and darkness is the trigger our bodies need to produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. This 24hr-cycle is known as the circadian rhythm.
  • We are still exposed to light in some way all day, but at night, even darkness is in the majority punctuated by light, the blue waves of which make sleep difficult because they keep us alert, and throw off our circadian rhythm. This can cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, associated headaches and even disrupted normal sleep patterns


  • In the case of Peepers Focus™ Eyewearover 40% of the most harmful blue light waves are filtered to prevent them reaching our eyes.

  • They also provide UV400 protection without any distracting or light-inhibiting tint.        
  •  In addition, an anti-reflective coating helps reduce glare, which in turn can help ease eye strain by reducing the need to squint.
ONE OF OPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS for four years running!

When the Eyewear Style Queen of the World (well, WE think she is!) endorses a brand and gives it her ‘O’ of approval, Peepers are definitely the right readers for the aging eyes of us mere mortals - guaranteed to attract admiring glances while you choose from the menu or smile sweetly at a private joke on your cellphone - with NO bending, squinting or unsightly stretching!

MYTHS ABOUT READERS that we would like to debunk right now: 


  • READERS MAKE YOU LOOK OLD. That is SUCH old-fashioned thinking – and over 150 million Americans cannot be    wrong! 

I hope this blog has cleared up any confusion or misapprehension you may have about store-bought readers, and all of us at VOOMA wish you many happy hours of easy-reading screen time in the future, as you build up a closet-complementing collection of colours, shapes and styles – who knows, maybe readers are all set to replace earrings as the top face-flattering accessory for the 40+ style diva!  

Click on the link below to get started, and in the words of the gloriously immortal Louis Armstrong, everyone will soon be asking...    

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