Stylishly sustainable absorbency underwear for confidence and comfort.
Save your blushes, your money and the planet, with dainty, discreet underwear from Lilova!
8 November, 2020 by
Stylishly sustainable absorbency underwear for confidence and comfort.
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Ladies, we all know that some bits of us age better than others, and natural childbirth is not always our friend, as sadly, it has made many of us all too familiar with those little blush-inducing coughing, sneezing or laughing ‘accidents’, those 'whoopsy, didn’t quite make it’ moments or even the dreaded stop-you-in-your-tracks post-bathroom aftershocks!  

Thank goodness then, for Lilova
, an innovative New York design house which promotes zero waste through sustainability, by introducing reusable absorbency underwear, thus reducing the need for the continuous purchase of disposable pads and pantyliners, for use with both periods and incontinence.

The result is a range of ultra-fine organic cotton/nylon/elastane 4-layer panties (as thin as regular underwear) which offer loads of benefits: 


1. MOISTURE-WICKING breathable cotton lining keeps you feeling DRY  

2. ANTI-MICROBIAL layer fights bacteria & odors to keep you feeling FRESH    

3. SUPER-ABSORBENT unique fabric keeps you feeling SECURE  

4. LEAK-RESISTANT outer layer keeps it all in, so you can be CONFIDENT

VOOMA’s current absorbency underwear selection includes Lilova's most popular styles: an on-trend high-waist body shaper, bikinis (one in 100% cotton, another with flirty cut-out detail ), tomboy hipsters and a sexy, comfort-cut thong, all in classic black, in a full spectrum of sizes., from X Small to XXX Large.  

The absorbency levels vary with the different underwear cuts, and are cleverly explained with pad and pantyliner equivalents, so you can easily work out which style will suit your needs best. 

 Amber Bikini


Jade Brief 


Mia Cotton Bikini 


Mia Hipster


Olivia Hip Hugger

Olivia Thong


Stella High Waist


Thanks to gorgeous underwear like this, you can easily forget about any incontinence issues, and simply feel like your fabulous self again – just think of absorbency underwear as safety nets’ with sex appeal!