Presents to make menopause easier that only women can give each other!
Celebrate true friendship with caring gifts worth sharing.
2 November, 2020 by
Presents to make menopause easier that only women can give each other!
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There is nothing like true friendship between women.
 I’m not going to go into how friendships start, because honestly, that doesn’t matter: what does matter is how they grow and deepen and nourish our souls and pick us up when we’re down. It’s the laughter and the tears and the tears of laughter, the shared secrets, the shared experiences and being able to tell your true friends anything and know they have your back. And that includes stuff you really don’t want to tell the man in your life. Like when you start experiencing the symptoms of menopause. 
Right, before we all start crying and reaching for our cellphones to connect to these women we love so well and never see enough of (especially under the current corona-cloud), I’m going to give you a little 
1-question pop quiz: 
Who do women confide in if they start getting the dreaded hot flashes, or tell about those little leaks when they laugh, or cough, or sneeze – or even worse, just breathe? 


   A.  The husband/boyfriend who really doesn’t want to accept that the gorgeous creature he fell in love with now has the     potential to turn into a sweaty, leaky hot mess without warning, just because she is a little older than she was, say… last     week?

    B.  A woman friend who can sympathize, empathize, comfort and support her – and actively help her find a     solution to the situation? 

If you answered A, we hope that works out for you!  If you answered B, you obviously have some true friends – and they have one in you. 
Now, I don’t know how old you are, but if you’re reading this article, I’m guessing you’re anything from 40 upwards; maybe you haven’t even hit peri-menopause yet, perhaps you’re in the thick of it all, and the menopausal monsters are alive and kicking – or if you’re lucky, you’ve come out the other side smiling (or at the very least, laughing hysterically). 
Whichever stage of age you’re in, it is altogether possible you have a  friend who is suffering right now – and VOOMA is here to help you be the best mate a menopausal woman could have, with a range of practical (and discreet) solution-oriented gifts that may help your friend get through the holidays in one (slightly less frazzled) piece!  
Confidentially yours… 
Lilova's ultra-fine organic cotton/nylon/elastane 4-layer absorbency underwear protects against those little coughing, sneezing or laughing ‘accidents’, those ‘whoopsy, didn’t quite make it’ moments or even post-bathroom aftershocks! 
VOOMA’s current selection comprises the most popular styles from this innovative New York City design house: an on-trend high- waist body shaper, bikinis (one in 100% cotton), hipsters and a wide-cut but sexy thong, all in classic black. 
Stella - High Waist              Olivia - Thong               Amber - Bikini                Olivia - Hip Hugger 
STELLA HI-WAIST $35               OLIVIA THONG $27                  AMBER BIKINI $28                  OLIVIA HIP HUGGER $35 
Offering varying levels of protection, this deceptively fine, fully washable underwear range provides leak-resistant dryness and comfort, with odor control for freshness and confidence – plus, because it reduces (or even eliminates) the need for disposable pads, it’s kind to the environment too! 
Thanks to gorgeous underwear styles like these, you can easily forget about any incontinence issues, and simply feel like your fabulous self again – think of them as safety ‘nets’ with sex appeal! 
Hot flash? Keep your cool…  
If you are still a hot flash virgin, may I share my first time with you? There I was, sitting in a meeting with clients, looking cool, unflustered and in control (well, my hair was brushed, there was no lipstick on my teeth and I hadn’t spilt anything on my shirt yet). Next second, with absolutely no warning, my whole body started prickling with heat. My head boiled over and my hair dripped limply round my steaming cheeks – no lipstick on my teeth? It swam off my lips too! My previously clean shirt became transparent with sweat, my heart started beating waaaay too fast, I felt trembly, dizzy… even nauseous, a molten mess of menopausal womanhood exposed to the world. And just as suddenly as it flung itself on me, it slunk away, leaving me chilled, sodden and surrounded by a solid silence. The males in the room stared at the ceiling, their notes or their nails; the women at me, some with naked horror (a glimpse of their future perhaps?) some with total understanding and kindness. I only wish one of them had said “I’ll have what she’s having” and broken the ice that had formed so quickly in the room, but alas, the embarrassment levels were too high for any attempt at humor! 
Okay, I admit it: I am exaggerating a bit for effect – but not much!!! Hot flashes are horrible, horrible things, and because you never know when they’ll hit, they can affect both your business and social lives quite negatively. They are also notoriously hard to prevent or manage, but there are products on the market today that can perhaps help minimize the frequency of  occurrence over time; the VOOMA team is always on the lookout for these, and there are already a good few available. 
Product image                       Product image                                     Small Personal Fan                             Tropicool Instant Cooling Scarf 
 Multi-Style Cooling Wrap                        Cool Flash™ Pillow                          Tropicool Instant Cooling Pad                               Cooling Seat Cushion 
Prices range from $7 to $50, and the choices include scarves, nifty little corded fans, an instant cooling pad which stays cold for hours (on your lap – or under it!) a night sweat-soothing pillow that’s also good for behind the neck or lower back when you’re seated, and the Ferrari of hot flash fighters: a brilliant cooling chair cushion, designed to help you take back control of those important business meetings – and your life! 
There are a lot more products like these in SHOP VOOMA – and with the holiday season almost on us, it’s a great place to pick up gifts to show those much-loved friends and family members who are battling with the aging process just how much you care. And that is what true friendship is all about! 
“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo—what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” Oprah Winfrey (you know her – she’s Gayle King’s best friend!)