How to reach out to your loved ones without risk.
6 ways to make a real connection with family and friends in the virtual world.
17 June, 2020 by

Being in physical isolation does not mean we can’t still socialize with our loved ones. In fact, we should lean on our support system right now and invest in our relationships. Thanks to technology, you can do many of the activities you love while socializing from your phone or computer. Here are six ways to connect with your loved ones virtually.

Games Night

If you haven’t joined Houseparty yet, what are you waiting for? This free app allows you to play games with your friends or family in real-time on your phones. The screen divides so you can see each person’s face while also playing the game. The most popular games on Houseparty are Chips and Guac and Quick Draw. They are fun for the whole family. 

Wine Tasting

Like grocery stores and other essential businesses, liquor stores are still open during the quarantine. If you and your loved ones are wine enthusiasts, consider hosting a wine tasting over Zoom or Skype. Give everyone a list of wines to get in advance, and make sure none are too obscure to find right now. Then, sip each blend on camera and discuss its notes with your pals. Or, sip each blend and gossip about Survivor.

Fitness Class

Many people used to go to the gym for group fitness classes. Going to Zumba, yoga, or barre was a time to socialize with friends while getting healthy. You can simulate this experience over video with your gym class friends. Find a link for a free online workout and ensure everyone presses play at the same time. Then, go through the class from warm-up to cool down together. 

Happy Hour

Do you miss going to happy hour after work? When you work from home, you don’t get that buffer space to switch from work to home mode. Before turning off your laptop for the day, throw a happy hour with your colleagues over Zoom or Skype. Everyone can grab a drink from their respective kitchens and spend 20 minutes chatting about non-work-related things.  

Watch Party

There’s something about watching Joe Exotic try to take down Carole Baskin that brings people together. It’s fun to laugh at the same ridiculousness together. Even though you can’t throw a watch party, you can host a virtual one. Let everyone know what time to press play on the show and set your phones up so you can see each other’s faces. Let the entertainment begin!

Cooking Lesson

Cooking and baking for your loved ones is a way to show you care. It also brings people together (at least, it used to). If you love to cook, consider hosting a virtual cooking lesson for your friends and family. They can tune in to watch you cook and sip wine or they can cook alongside you. It’s bound to be a great time. 

Don’t let this quarantine stop you from connecting and bonding with your loved ones. Make use of technology and get creative with your virtual gatherings!