Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so give them fabulous drapes!
The best beauty trends for older eybrows, to give your ‘peepers’ a gorgeous lift and attract admiring glances
18 June, 2020 by

You moisturise and use anti-aging creams to reduce wrinkles, touch up your grays, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, in You moisturise and use anti-aging creams to reduce wrinkles, touch up your grays, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, in your quest to slow down the clock – but have you ever given so much as a second’s thought to how your eyebrows may be giving your ‘real’ age away?

How aging affects your eyebrows                                                                                                          Your body controls eyebrow and eyelash growth with a hormone called Prostaglandin. Then your body punishes you for getting older by reducing production of said hormone during menopause. This causes erratic growth patterns: your eyebrows may become sparse, individual hairs can start growing longer, and (surprise!) you might find the occasional snow-white hair in amongst the rest!

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Other causes of brow degradation

Over-tweezing and over-waxing                                                                                                                     Sadly, the 90s trend of pencil-thin arched brows was not very kind to eyebrows, and many women still suffer from scrappy, patchy regrowth issues. 

Poor diet
Want good eyebrows? Easy – just ditch the junk food and double up on salad! Seriously though, your eyebrows could actually benefit from a nutrient-rich diet, with eggs for lean protein, dairy, dark leafy greens, salmon, olive oil, seeds, wholegrains, almonds and walnuts, and give your eyebrows a fighting chance with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and A, E and B Vitamins.

Prescription medication
Some medicines indicated for acne, high cholesterol, depression and inflammation may cause hair or eyebrow loss, which may be temporary or permanent. Ask your health professional for advice if you think this is happening, and always read the medication’s package insert.

Give your eyebrows a second chance, and watch them get a second glance!
With eyebrows being such an important facial feature today  – and because we are not all blessed with a  statement pair like Brooke Shields, brow icon of the 80s, or reigning brow queen Cara Delevingne – there is an ever-expanding choice of methods, both permanent and temporary, to restore our brows to their former glory, or give us the pair we always felt we deserved! 

The experts recommend that you avoid tweezing or waxing if possible, as they cause stress to the skin, so here are some more efficient and precise grooming methods to consider:

This hugely popular method is a type of semi-permanent tattoo lasts up to18 months, so you never need worry about get them removed (as if!).  Microblading involves using super-thin blades to create individual ‘hairs’ on the brow line, using a feathering technique. Natural dyes are then introduced into the skin with a small pen, perfect for drawing the finest lines, and the result looks incredibly natural. The initial color will fade as it settles, so a touch-up after a month is recommended, to ‘seal the deal’. 

Cosmetic procedures for the treatment of eyebrows. Microblading in the beauty salon. Professional cosmetology. The process of applying the pigment.

Microblading is a good option for cancer patients, who have to undergo chemotherapy, and may in all likelihood lose their eyebrows. As doctors do not recommend getting tattoos or piercings, it is important to get it done as long as possible before chemotherapy starts (6 weeks would be good, to allow for healing too). If the timing doesn’t allow this, microblading may be considered a few months after the chemotherapy program has been completed.

This method of shaping eyebrows originated in the East thousands of years ago, and is now widely used in western countries as an alternative to waxing, as it provides more precise shaping control, and  is actually gentler on the skin – though (believe me!) it can get REALLY painful at the time, as several hairs get ‘pulled out’ simultaneously, and the brow bone is a very sensitive area.

Close up of a hands threading beautiful woman's eyebrow

In threading, a fine cotton or polyester thread is doubled then twisted, then rolled over the skin, plucking hairs right from the follicle.Techicians can use their hands, neck or mouth to control the thread, the mouth being considered the fastest and most precise technique.

Semi-permanent eyebrow tints change the color of your brow hairs, giving them a stronger pigment and making them look fuller; if any skin staining occurs,don’t worry, it will fade and wash away in a couple of days. Unless you have very blonde or pale ginger brows, the general rule is to go a few shades lighter than your hair color – too dark, and you end up looking fierce and scary!  If you want to tint because your brows are too pale, bear in mind that the darker color will highlight any sparse patches or noticeable  asymmetry, so grooming becomes even more important.

Beautician colors the eyebrows of a woman in cosmetic studio

If grey or white brow hairs are your problem, home tints are often not the answer, as these little pranksters are very stubborn when it comes to getting tinted away! We would recommend a professional ’dye-job’ here, from someone who really knows how to adjust the process to get the best possible coverage.


Gone are the days when the only eyebrow makeup was an actual pencil that always broke when you tried to draw on your brow – so you had to turn the house upside down looking for a sharpener!  Today, eyebrow grooming is an art form, a science (a profession even!) and there are a host of tools and color delivery formulas availablein drugstores, department stores, beauty salons and online – but before you make your decision, get advice from the in-store beauty consultant or your own beautician on the right kind of products for your requirements. 

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These are most popular for soft, natural definition, for filling in gaps and elongating eyebrow ‘tails’. Retractable pencils usually have a brush or wand on the other end – regular brow multi-taskers!

Use with an angled brush to fill in sparse, patchy brows, make them look fuller and create a softer definition. Powders also help to ‘set’ pencils. 

The secret weapon of the Instagram ‘eyebrowistas’, these add definition, drama and ‘hold’. An angled brush with short stiff bristles works best with pomades.

Female eyes before and after beautiful makeup, eyelash extension, eyebrow liner, microblading, cosmetology procedure, retouch.

Just like a felt-tipped liquid liner pen, you can actually draw individual hairs – do this on top of powder and the results are incredibly lifelike! Markers are also good for disguising scars and bald spots.

Perhaps the most professionally preferred option, gels are the quickest, easiest way to add color, fullness and hold. The mascara wand applicator is especially brilliant for taming coarser,unruly brows.

Look out, all you wild and crazy eyebrows  – wax is here to whip you into glorious, well-defined shape! Like pencils, wax ‘crayons’ make a great, textured base for brow powder.

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We hope the information here will help you create the brows your eyes have always dreamed of looking up to! We leave you with wise words from Jack Black, a man who knows eyebrows better than most!