When your hairstylist is off limits, is it time to gray with grace?
8 celebrities show us that beautifully natural gray hair can be a whole lot of glam, and a lot less gran!
20 April, 2020 by

Women all over the country are facing an additional challenge during this pandemic: their incoming grays. Without access to their hairstylists (turns out hair coloring isn’t an essential service) they’re left with two choices. One, buy a box-dye kit and hope for the best. Two, embrace their grays. While the latter seems impossible, these eight celebrities are the gray hair inspiration you need. 

Jamie Lee Curtis

How amazing does silver jewelry look with Jamie’s silver hair? It’s fresh, clean, and glamorous. And, it’s all-natural. If you’re already rocking short hair, consider letting the dyed sections grow out. Then, grab some sharp scissors and give it a trim. If Jamie can do it, so can you. 

Diane Keaton

For years, we all knew Diane Keaton with her blonde locks. When she decided to intentionally honor her grays, no one could believe it. Now, it’s a sign of a woman’s confidence and style to wear gray hair like the queen she is. 

Helen Mirren

Helen proves that you don’t need a glam squad and a red carpet to make grays look good. A casual bun with loose tendrils looks fabulous on her and it can look fabulous on you. Grays may be a sign of age, but on Helen, they make her look more youthful than ever. 

Meryl Streep

Who could forget the frigid exterior of Miranda Priestly? After The Devil Wears Prada came out, the gray hair trend took off. Suddenly women of all ages were dying their hair silver to be fierce like Miranda. If you have grays naturally coming in, let them grow. Do you think Miranda cared what people thought?

Kim Kardashian

Alright, most of Kim’s grays are not natural. Her choice in dye proves just how cool it is to be gray. Stylists have renamed the color “silver blonde” to make it more appealing, but let’s face it. Her hair is gray and so is yours. You can be young, hip, and edgy like Kim K. 

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon has rocked black hair for decades until recently. She decided to fully embrace her grays and it actually increased her elegance. Her short, sweet bob redefines what it means to age gracefully. Even her daughter, Kelly Osbourne, dyed her hair gray which proves that it’s trendy at every age. 

Salma Hayek

What if you aren’t fully gray yet but the individual strands are starting to show? Let them show like Salma Hayek does. Despite going on a publicized red carpet, Salma refused to dye her grays black. She proves how beautiful and youthful a woman can look regardless of these tiny strands. 

Jane Fonda

If there was ever a woman known to age gracefully, it’s Jane Fonda. Not surprisingly, she also embraces her gray locks. With a straightener and some hairspray, her short gray hair looks fun and eclectic. Not to mention how sweet gray looks on sweeping bangs!

If you’re worried about your grays coming in while hair salons are on hiatus, don’t worry. These celebrities have intentionally chosen to go gray. Let them serve as the gray hair inspirations you need to rock yours.