Va Va Voom in the bedroom: your guide for keeping the spark alive!
Bring back the ‘Voomance’ with our vital tips for enjoying a healthy, happy sex life after 50
15 June, 2020 by

Do not be fooled – sex over 50 does not need to be mundane or boring. Sexuality can still be alive and well in your 50’s – and there have been various studies to support the claim that people want to maintain their sex life in their later years.  Although we may not have enjoyed the thought of our parents getting frisky, we are now their age - and you might need help keeping things spicy.

Here are our top tips for keeping your sex life spicy over 50:

Be spontaneous.

Just because you have gotten into a rhythm in your marriage does not mean you can’t surprise your spouse with a passionate kiss and lovemaking in the morning or when they are least expecting it. Just being in the moment without needing to plan things can make a huge difference in bringing that spiciness back into the bedroom (or the couch).

Be sweet again.

Back when you were in your twenties, it seemed so easy to leave love notes, give innocent kisses, and let your honey know you are thinking about them. It’s these little tokens of appreciation that can reignite that fire, especially if you kick it up a notch and send them texts letting them know you want them tonight - or that you are wearing your old cheerleader outfit. 

Get comfortable.

The best sex is the kind that pushes the limits a little but is still familiar; and when you have been with someone for years, you have an advantage because you know exactly what they like. Have a drink and just communicate with one another. Come up with some ideas on positions etc. that you have never tried (or haven’t in years).

Plan a date night.

This may be contradictory to our spontaneous suggestion above, however, some couples are just far too busy and tired to truly find time to get spicy with their significant other. Make reservations at a restaurant one evening and then go see a movie. When you get home, you will be more relaxed and hopefully will have spent a peaceful evening reconnecting. It will open up the opportunity to continue your great night in the bedroom.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The truth is, some of us are not in our sexual prime anymore and that is completely okay. You should not let that get in the way of enjoying this private time with your lover. If you need help, or check out an adult store and find a toy or vibrator that can keep things heated for longer. More couples of all ages are using toys and other stimulants to truly find the passion and pleasure they deserve in the bedroom.

Let us know what gets you in the mood!